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V.I.P. Chauffeuring

Very important people, deserve very special transport solutions, and Central Chauffeur Services offer just that. Whether you are looking for a chauffeur driver to take care of your V.I.P. for a one off special occasion, or your V.I.P. needs a regular chauffeur driver, we can help.

We regularly drive high profile clients that require a discreet and private service, providing vehicles with privacy glass, comfortable interiors, and the most professional of chauffeur drivers to boot.

In contrast, Central Chauffeur Services have also driven for multiple red carpet events, and our vehicles are perfect for stylish delivery in the spot light.

Of course, your V.I.P. may not be a celebrity or high flying business person at all, but someone who deserves a little extra care and attention, just because. If you want us to take care of a loved one, whether it be on the school run, or treating a special friend or relative to a day excursion, Central Chauffeur Services can help.

Central Chauffeur Services VIP Treatment

Stylishly delivered

Whether you need to arrive on the red carpet in style, you require a discreet chauffeured  transport solution, or your V.I.P. is someone who needs extra special care, trust us to deliver

Get in touch to discuss your V.I.P. requirements

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